Digital transformation with Kommo
(formerly amoCRM)
Create a reference business process that all sales managers will work on, this will increase the productivity and quality of the sales process by an average of 30%

Industry Experience

Solutions and ready-made mechanics for companies in any industry
Online education schools, institutes, consulting
Real estate
Developers, real estate agencies, land plots
Recruiting, headhunting, fixed-term employment contracts
Periodic services
Fitness, subscription services
Furniture industry
Showrooms, production, online store
Legal services
Arbitration, bankruptcy, notary

Solutions for departments

We know what solutions are suitable for a particular department
Customer service department
To work with the customer life cycle and loyalty index
CRM Marketing Department
For segmentation of the current customer base and regular automatic communications
Telemarketing Department
To work with incoming calls and cold client base
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What is your role in the company?
How many managers are in your sales department?
What was your businesss revenue last year?
We ask about this because certain tools and strategies are suitable depending on the turnover.

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List of points to start
  • Automatic Lead Grabbing
    Connects with the most popular messenger apps: Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Skype, WeChat, Telegram and more
  • Instant response and high speed
    Messages, calls, creating documents - all daily processes are carried out automatically, increasing throughput
  • Database of clients in a single system
    All data and correspondence in messengers are stored in a single system. The manager will start working immediately.
  • Increase in successful leads
    The knowledge base on customer questions and answers to them, the base on the work of competitors allows even a novice seller to work effectively with a client.
  • Automated control
    The work of the manager is fixed, and the system itself controls the deviation from the sales regulations and prevents unwanted actions.
  • Productivity increase
    Planning tools optimize working time.
    Detailed forecasting will allow you to create an optimal KPI system.
  • Service quality improvement
    Knowing everything about the current situation of the client, accurately determine the right resource to solve his problem. Clients will appreciate this approach and recommend your company.
  • Increase in the average check and upsale
    Contacting support is a chance to increase sales. And then offer new proposals. Repeat sales increase by an average of 45%.
  • Reporting for each lead
    Reports on the work done are generated automatically. See the full picture of clients, projects, sales forecast and employee analytics.
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Our goal is transparent and efficient work of the sales department for the manager and owner
Results of digital transformation
Head of sales
Sales Team
Imagine how much money you have already lost?
Knows everything about leads

Saves up to 80% processing time

Generates profit
Saves time on control and income of the sales department

Real-time control based on numbers

Customer failure control
Receive real-time company activity reports

The ability to make management decisions based on numbers and minimize risks

Saves up to 70% of control time
Get a clear performance of the sales department

Saves a lot of marketing and payroll costs

Optimization will provide an opportunity to increase the volume of transactions, and get more profit
Not theorists, only practitioners
We have gone from sales managers to heads of sales departments.

Felt firsthand problems with the loss of applications, control of the work of the sales department and the lack of prompt intervention.

Understand the needs of customers, which allows us to determine the exact solution without cluttering the system with unnecessary integrations.
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Examples of Problems and Solutions
During the season, the company has several thousand customers in an active phase. Deals are accumulated at one stage and not brought to sale. Managers manually control the receipt of details and payment of bills, which takes a lot of time in the working day. The head of the sales department needs a lot of time to visually control the deals.

Solution applied
An audit of processes and regulations was conducted. Each process was automated with the BPM Platform "Sensei". This allowed to optimize the work of the manager and reduce it exclusively to communication with the client. The system moves deals through the stages of sale according to the regulation, controls the receipt of details and payment, forms a commercial offer and documentation. Deals do not "stall" and managers do not spend time on routine, the head of the department got a transparent picture of the work of the managers.
How It Works
Comprehensive audit
We are conducting an audit of the Sales Department and the current customer service system. We are recording the initial metrics and creating a Project Map.
Selection of a solution
We are forming a backlog of current problems and needs of all client's departments and creating a Roadmap to ensure maximum involvement of the client for the most detailed description of the company's business processes.
After analyzing the results, we will configure the CRM so that the manager performs the minimum number of actions to make the maximum number of sales.
Finally, we will teach the team to effectively use Kommo, so that employees will love the system and focus on tasks. This stage is necessary to ensure that Kommo is used to its full potential.
We help the team to adapt to Kommo and new business processes, answer any questions, continue to serve your system. We regularly monitor the work of managers. We correct errors and provide consulting services for the sales department manager and director.
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